Handle Cargo. Not Photos. Forwarders, warehouses and airlines use Blimp for damage reports, compliance requirements or proof of proper care.

Scan barcode, take photos

Blimp provides a mobile app to capture photos in a matter of seconds. Scanning the respective AWB's barcode or adding a description on the spot makes it easy to retrieve them later.

Wireless Sync

Don't get held up trying to scrape together your camera, a USB cable and an SD card with free memory. Our mobile apps immediately sync your photos over the air and a secure connection to our online storage.

Instant Availability

Colleagues and clients get easy and immediate access to research their shipments on their own. Photos are available for download individually, or collectively as ZIP or PDF – you can even have them mailed automatically.

Efficiency is key In a competitive market with high cost pressure, efficient solutions that save your time and money are vital to your business.

Save precious time

Transferring photos to your IT infrastructure manually is a time-consuming task and prone to errors. Blimp automatically provides access to your photos from every workstation.

Keep photos in line

Dozens of folders, full of photos, distributed across several PCs – it's impossible to keep track of everything. Blimp accumulates all photos in its central, searchable online storage.

Be safe

Photos are stored compliant to auditing requirements and annotated with their authors's name and a timestamp. When push comes to shove, photographic evidence is only a click away.

Hit the ground running

No installation necessary

Blimp is comprised of two components: the PC app, which you can access comfortably through your browser and a mobile app that you can download from the iTunes Store. No tech support necessary.


Whether you're evaluating our software on your own smartphone with just a few photos, or whether you deploy our software to several hundred devices in the field, Blimp adapts easily.

Supports iPods (wifi) and iPhones (3G/4G/wifi)

Our mobile app supports iPod and iPhones (iOS version 8.3 or later).

At home in harsh environments

For use in hazardous environments, we recommend rugged cases with integrated barcode scan engines, like the Linea Pro for iPod and iPhone. We're happy to help you pick a device that suits your specific needs.

We take good care With Blimp online storage your photos are always safe and sound.

  • Long-term retention

    All photos are securely stored for two years. This period can be extended up to 10 years.

  • Easily searchable

    Retrieve all photos from a specific date range or search by barcode/description.

  • Download individually, as ZIP or PDF

    Photos can be instantly looked at in the browser or be downloaded individually, as ZIP or PDF at any time.

  • Rock solid infrastructure

    For high availability, your photos are stored in one of the most modern datacenters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

  • Safety net included

    All data is stored with multiple redundancy, so nothing is ever lost in the event of a technical defect.

  • Get a copy if you want

    If you need to keep your photos in your own archive, we are happy to copy them to any server provided by you.

What can we do for you? Inquiries are free and without any commitment.

Oliver Schopp Head of Sales +49 6131 / 6369 505 oliver.schopp@blimp-app.com